Quick Answer: Can I Sublet My Apartment Ontario?

Can a landlord say no overnight guests Ontario?

If a tenant is entitled to reasonable and quiet enjoyment under the local residential tenancy law, a landlord cannot do the following (in most cases): Prohibit overnight guests such as girlfriends or boyfriends.

Restrict short-term visitors or non-frequent guests.

Impose visiting hours..

How long can a guest stay in my apartment Ontario?

Most landlords allow guests to stay over no more than 10-14 days in a six month period. From there, you can decide whether a guest staying 15 days or longer gives you grounds to evict the tenants for breaking the lease, or whether you want to amend your lease, and if the rent will increase as a result.

Can someone live in my apartment without being on the lease?

So it is important to know the laws and rules around guests who stay longer than they should, or who are quietly living with renters without being on the lease. … In many cases, there is no time a guest can become a resident without having their name added to the lease by the landlord.

Can a landlord refuse to rent to someone Ontario?

Find out if your situation is covered by the Ontario Human Rights Code. The Human Rights Code bans discrimination in most rental situations. … The landlord can refuse to rent to you for any reason if: you would be living in the same building as your landlord or their family, and.

Can my landlord enter my apartment when I am not at home Ontario?

The notice must include the reason why the landlord wants to enter the rental unit and must state what time, between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., the landlord will enter the unit. If the landlord gives the tenant the correct notice, the landlord can enter even if the tenant is not at home.

Can a tenant sublet without permission in Ontario?

It is illegal to assign or sublet a unit without the landlord’s consent. A landlord can apply to the Landlord and Tenant Board to evict both the tenant and the unauthorized occupant.

Does a landlord have the right to sublet an apartment?

Subletting. Even if your lease forbids it, you have the right under the law to sublease your apartment, and the lease provision is null and void. … Rent controlled tenants may, however, sublet if they have a current or prior lease that contains a clause permitting subletting, or if the landlord consents.

How do I sublet my apartment?

Before subletting, the original tenant must receive consent from the landlord to sublet the property. The landlord can only refuse to consent to the sublet if there are reasonable grounds to refuse. For example, if the prospective tenant does not pass a credit check, the landlord may refuse to sublet.

Can a landlord end a month to month lease Ontario?

A landlord can end a tenancy only for the reasons allowed by the Act. In most cases, the first step is for the landlord to give the tenant a notice in writing that they want the tenant to move out. The proper forms a landlord must use for giving a notice to end the tenancy are available from the Board.

Can you evict a subtenant Ontario?

(1) If a subtenant continues to occupy a rental unit after the end of the subtenancy, the landlord or the tenant may apply to the Board for an order evicting the subtenant.

Do tenants have rights if they only rent a room?

Most tenants are covered by the Residential Tenancies Act, which sets out the rights and obligations of residential landlords and tenants. In both instances, the tenant may be able to sue the owner in Small Claims Court if they have evidence to prove their case. …

Do I have to leave my apartment during a showing Ontario?

A landlord also cannot force a tenant to leave for a showing, but if a tenant is present during the showing, they should not be obstructing the event in any way, she says.