Quick Answer: What Is The Opposite Of Willful?

What is the opposite of characterless?

emphatic, courageous, principled, showy, good, bold, Backboned, tough, dramatic, righteous, splashy, upright, resolute, moral, determined, right, unrelenting, flamboyant, virtuous, stouthearted, ethical, arresting, stalwart, catchy, striking, hard, mettlesome, eye-catching..

What is the word for doing the opposite of something?

1 corresponding, facing, fronting. 2 adverse, antagonistic, antithetical, conflicting, contradictory, contrary, contrasted, diametrically opposed, different, differing, diverse, hostile, inconsistent, inimical, irreconcilable, opposed, poles apart, reverse, unlike.

What is a bad character called?

An antagonist is a character in a story who is presented as the chief foe of the protagonist.

What are the 4 types of characters?

One way to classify characters is by examining how they change (or don’t change) over the course of a story. Grouped in this way by character development, character types include the dynamic character, the round character, the static character, the stock character, and the symbolic character.

What is the meaning of interfere?

intransitive verb. 1 : to enter into or take a part in the concerns of others. 2 : to interpose in a way that hinders or impedes : come into collision or be in opposition.

What is the opposite of interfere?

Antonyms: avoid, hold aloof, hold off, keep aloof, keep away, keep clear, keep out, let alone, let be, retire, stand aside, stand away, stand back, stand off, withdraw. Synonyms: arbitrate, intercede, intercept, intermeddle, interpose, interrupt, meddle, mediate.

What’s another word for enthusiasm?

SYNONYMS FOR enthusiasm 1 eagerness, warmth, fervor, zeal, ardor, passion, devotion.

What do you call a person with no personality?

Adjective. Lacking vigour or interest. insipid. boring.

What does zealous mean?

adjective. full of, characterized by, or due to zeal; ardently active, devoted, or diligent.

Can the protagonist be evil?

The simple answer is no, the protagonist cannot be the antagonist, as the antagonist is defined by being opposed to the protagonist. They are antonym in that one opposes the other, but you could argue that they are a binary pair. … Making the protagonist a bad guy is much more difficult, but can be done.

What is the opposite word of enthusiasm?

Antonyms for enthusiasm inactivity, lethargy, unhappiness, pessimism, hate, calm, coldness, frigidity, aloofness, weariness, dislike, apathy, hatred, sadness, disinterest, dullness, indifference, calmness, coolness, doubt, lifelessness, laziness, peace, depression.

Is passion and enthusiasm the same?

Passion means sufferance. In other words, you can’t be passionate about something if you haven’t suffered. Enthusiasm on the other hand means “intense enjoyment” and “interest”; you have the knowledge and you share it with others enthusiastically.

What are female villains called?

The use of the female villain (or villainess) is often to highlight the traits that come specifically with the character and the abilities they possess that are exclusive to them.

What does do not interfere mean?

intransitive verb. [no object] 1Take part or intervene in an activity without invitation or necessity. ‘you promised not to interfere’ ‘she tried not to interfere in her children’s lives’

What is another word for meddle?

SYNONYMS FOR meddle intervene, intrude, pry.