Quick Answer: Which Is Correct Yep Or Yup?

Is Yup a rude word?


It is just a variant of “yes”.

In some regions, more people say “yup” than say “yes”.

Those are not rude or impatient people..

Where do we use Yup?

Yup is defined as slang for yes. An example of yup used as an interjection is in the sentence, “Yup, I’ll go to the supermarket today.”

What does it mean if a girl says yep?

Yep, pretty much, it means that she wants to spend her time doing something else then texting you at the moment. This doesn’t mean that she doesn’t like you, but it means that there is currently something more important happening with her that she wants to get back to doing.

What is Yep means in English?

informal. : yes “Ready to go?” ”

When did Yep become Yup?

Here’s the timeline: Yep, 1891 (first appeared as a quotation in Harper’s Magazine) Yeah, 1905 (first described in Dialect Notes) Yup, 1906 (first appeared as a quotation in Century Magazine)

Is Yep a proper word?

Yep. Yes is not a formal word; you can use it in both formal and informal contexts. Looking at the definitions given for yeah, yeh, yep, or yup, all those words are defined as exclamation & noun nonstandard spelling of yes, representing informal pronunciation.