What Is The Salary Of A Chief Of Staff?

What is the salary of the head of the WHO?

The $240,000 annual salary is not enormous.

The financial picture is precarious.

The constant travel wears out directors-general, Garrett observed, and distances them from their staff members.

The WHO is positioned at a major crossroads, while health crises abound and donor countries retrench..

Is chief of staff a secretary?

The White House Chief of Staff position is the successor to the earlier role of the Secretary to the President of the United States. The role was formalized as the Assistant to the President in 1946 and acquired its current title in 1961. The current official title is Assistant to the President and Chief of Staff.

What is a chief salary?

Chief executives earn an average yearly salary of $180,116. Wages typically start from $60,823 and go up to $533,379. 290% above national average ● Updated in 2019.

What is the difference between an executive assistant and a chief of staff?

The CoS role is decidedly different from that of the leader’s executive assistant (EA). Unlike an EA, a chief of staff works autonomously and does not handle routine correspondence or manage the leader’s day-to-day schedule.

What does a chief of staff do UK?

The Downing Street Chief of Staff is the most senior political appointee in the Office of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, acting as a senior aide to the Prime Minister, a powerful, non-ministerial position within Her Majesty’s Government.

How much does an AP earn in Kenya?

AP Salary in KenyaJOB GROUPGRADECURRENT BASIC SALARYLPG770,530MPG873,020NPG985,890PPG10130,5908 more rows

How much does a chief of staff at a hospital make?

Chief of Staff SalariesJob TitleSalaryNSW Government Chief of Staff salaries – 1 salaries reportedA$214,000/yrParliament of NSW Chief of Staff salaries – 1 salaries reportedA$221,716/yrSeer Medical Chief of Staff salaries – 1 salaries reportedA$175,000/yr17 more rows

What is the chief of staff position?

The Chief of Staff is generally positioned as the CEO or executive’s ‘right hand person’. Responsibilities often include: Attending meetings and calls on the behalf of their boss if he/she couldn’t not make it. Helping their CEO prioritize their time and appointments.

Why Every CEO needs a chief of staff?

As a company grows and becomes more complex, hiring a chief of staff can be a smart move. … They manage the needs of the CEO, Executive office, and company, such as overseeing employee satisfaction, recruiting, brand and reputation management, training, communication flow, and maximizing the CEOs reach.

Is chief of staff an executive position?

“The chief of staff role is an intensely personal one. This is a position scoped for the CEO, and it has elements of both an executive assistant and a COO. Like an EA, a chief of staff works only for the CEO and doesn’t have direct reports, except maybe an intern or executive assistant.

What’s another title for chief of staff?

The current classification describes an employee who reports to executive officer level. Alternatives to use of Chief of Staff include Chief Administrative Officer, Chief Business Officer, or Chief Business Administrator.

How much is Kenya chief salary?

Assistant Chief earns a salary of between Ksh. 25,000 and Ksh. 35,000 per month while Chief’s salary ranges between Ksh. 35,000 to Ksh.

Is chief of staff a good career move?

Sources of Career Value. The Chief of Staff role can be an incredible experience for individuals and a tremendous benefit for companies and CEOs. In addition to the opportunities I articulated earlier in this series, the Chief of Staff role confers several other sources of professional value.

What degree do you need to be a chief of staff?

The educational background and experience of a Chief of Staff can vary from person to person, but almost all possess a bachelor’s degree in business, finance, management or similar field. You can also find many Chiefs of Staff with advanced degrees such as a Masters or Doctorate.

How do you get a job as a chief of staff?

How to get a Job as a Chief of StaffJoin in a different position and create the CoS role internally. Most companies probably don’t have CoS at the top of their hiring plan. … Create the role yourself in the interview process. … Find companies that are hiring for a CoS. … Replace an existing COS. … Start your own company.