What Should I Put On My Garage Ceiling?

How much weight can I hang from my garage ceiling?

It is but there are a few things to consider.

So how much weight can you hang from your garage ceiling.

Regular garage ceiling joists of modern construction can generally support 50lb/sqft..

Should I insulate my garage ceiling?

It isn’t important to insulate the ceiling between the attic and the garage because those areas are not affected by a home’s heating and cooling system. … If these walls are not insulated, the temperature of the garage can affect the rooms and make the house’s heating and cooling system work harder to compensate.

How do you clean a garage ceiling?

From the ceiling, use a broom to clear any cobwebs. Check light fixtures, garage door hardware and windows for any defects, then give it all a good wipe down. Now give the walls and windows a good soaking with a car washing sponge. Use old towels to wipe everything dry.

What is the best wall covering for a garage?

Plywood or OSB board: Wood walls make a durable option for garages: They can take a beating from teenagers carelessly backing out the family car and are strong enough to hang tools and equipment without worrying so much about studs. They also help absorb sound.

How do I cover my garage ceiling?

For a truly custom, showroom quality look, consider installing interlocking garage floor tiles that will make your neighbors jealous.Aluminum Soffit.Corrugated Metal.Drywall.OSB (Oriented Strand Board)Plywood.PVC Tiles.Vinyl Beadboard Soffit.Vinyl Siding.More items…•

What are garage ceilings made of?

The latest material to be used in garage ceilings is called gypsum, which are ceiling panels that are constructed of sedimentary rock. Gypsum panels are often placed over a ceiling frame.

Is it safe to hang punching bag in garage?

If you are not sure whether your ceilings, beams, or joists can hold the heavy bag, then the best way to hang a punching bag in the garage is using a wall mount. You can find the wall mounts in any hardware or athletic store. So if you have masonry walls, try fixing a wall mount on that to avoid any other damages.

Can I hang a swing from my ceiling?

You need to find a solid ceiling joist to mount the swing to, and if you can’t find a solid ceiling joist in your chosen location, it’s back to square one—having the right amount of space doesn’t mean anything if it can’t be safely installed there. … “Most suspended ceilings are not designed to hold any real weight.”

How can I insulate my garage cheaply?

Fiberglass roll insulation is the cheapest and easiest type to install, provided that your garage’s interior walls have not been constructed. Unroll the insulation between the wall studs with the vapor barrier facing the inside of the garage.

What color should I paint my garage ceiling?

For ceilings, most people prefer to keep them white, or to paint them the same color as the rest of the garage. If the garage floor is a particular color you will want to make sure the walls don’t clash with the floor.

How do you insulate a garage ceiling?

How to Insulate a Garage Wall in Four Easy StepsStep 1: Clear the Walls for the Insulation. If your garage has drywall, remove it. … Step 2: Look for Gaps and Cracks in the Wall. … Step 3: Install Fiberglass Insulation. … Step 4: Cover the Insulation with Drywall.

What kind of drywall do you use for a garage ceiling?

Drywall is the easiest and most economical covering for your garage ceiling. Use 5/8-in. -thick drywall if your trusses or rafters are spaced 24 in. apart.

Can you put a drop ceiling in a garage?

With tiles that come in all sorts of styles and colors, drop ceilings are a good option for garages. Not only are they lightweight and easy to install, they hide any wires or exposed plumbing you might have. The drawback is that they’re somewhat flimsy — not a good option if you’re planning for added storage space.

What can I use instead of drywall in garage?

Instead of drywall, consider covering garage walls with cement board panels. These panels make it easy to add tile, or even stone veneer. Using stone veneer over cement board, you can create an exposed brick or natural stone wall in the garage.

How do you find joists in a garage ceiling?

Go to the outside of the garage, and see if you can figure out where the rafter tails are. Ceiling joists are usually on one side or the other. Figure out where your wall studs are, and see if the rafters are stacked.

Should I paint the inside of my garage?

The best paint for interior garage walls is an interior latex paint. I don’t recommend using exterior paint. While the inside of your garage might be freezing in the winter, it isn’t exposed to rain, snow, or sunlight, so there is no need to use exterior paint.